About Beth & Beyond Holistic Healing

Hi, I'm Beth Aitken

I am so glad you have found me and I am excited to be your guide along your journey of wellness, transformation and wholeness.

I found my calling as a healer through experiencing and exploring my own transformation many years ago. I held a corporate job as an Accountant and Financial Analyst and I was miserable, sick and in pain most of the time. I began suffering from panic attacks, digestive issues, depression and an overall lack of energy. Traditional Western medicine was not able to help me find relief from the physical, mental and emotional pain I was constantly feeling.

As I started researching ways to find relief from what I was feeling, I started opening to something I could not deny anymore… Spirit, a divine connection in this world and I turned to alternative healing modalities and practitioners. I found a wonderful Energy Medicine practitioner and she guided me through the most difficult chapters of my life.

It was through this experience that I decided to become a Reiki Master, which led me to training as a Body Intuitive Master practitioner, and now I include Genius Biofeedback.

I am able to combine these modalities of healing, along with my own intuitive healing nature and training in psychotherapy, to empower my clients to release trauma held in the body, to uncover the root cause of their issues and to guide them in their journey to wellness of the body, mind and spirit.

I believe we are all guided by spirit and can create our best self.  We need to be open to the healing available and vulnerable enough to share our stories. Only by exploring and clearing the layers of ourselves, can we truly become the complete person we are intended to be.

I look forward to working with you to heal.

What services are offered?

Energy healing can come through many different modalities. We learn to listen to the body and respond with the healing it needs. Below are some of the areas in which I can help you heal.

Transformation Starts NOW!

I’d like to share a Shamanic Breath Exercise that will help you release those emotions that may be “stuck” and affecting your energy, mind and body.

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