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Deep Dive Into Body Intuitive

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You may have heard of Reiki, but what if I told you there is a newer Energy Medicine modality that is Reiki on steroids?  That is how Body Intuitive is being described.  Body Intuitive is a combination of Eastern and Western medicine that uses the body’s intuitive ability to heal. Body Intuitive believes the mind and body are connected, and to clear any disruption in the body, we must uncover the underlying story to get to the root cause.


A Body Intuitive Practitioner will have many, many charts detailing specific areas of Western and Eastern/Chinese medicine. For example, a chart of the Nervous System will be two pages listing all areas of the brain and the gut brain.  To figure out which area to work on, a practitioner will tune into the client’s Quantum Field, or Energetic Field.   Some other examples of charts are for Immune System, Organs, Chakras, and toxins.  In Chinese Medicine, the charts include Qi types, Meridians, and an extensive list of acupoints. 


A client may come to a session with Anxiety. A practitioner can muscle test the chart on the Nervous System to figure out which area of the brain is over-firing.  Then the practitioner will uncover the story that contributed to the over-firing area. For example, maybe the stress of leaving for school for the first time and being separated from parents caused stress on the Nervous System.

Body Intuitive can help with anxiety, digestion, sleep issues, COVID long-haul symptoms, pain, hormone imbalances, and help uncover toxins.  After identifying the contributing story, the next step is having the Practitioner attempt to clear the disruption using various techniques.  


First is a precise use of Acupressure points.  The practitioner may use one point, or a combination of points to help release the story from the body and balance the area in question.  A point can be tapped or massaged for up to a minute each.  Second is a Shamanic Breathing technique.  This allows the body to feel emotions trapped in the body and release them. After clearing the emotion, it is important to make sure to reclaim any power left to the situation.  The third technique is “Resources.” Resources include information that a client or a Practitioner may have.  This can be an activity, a book or a food.  An example of a Resource is for the client to get out in nature more.


The fourth technique is Epigenetics. This is a layer on top of your genes that can be altered with emotional situations, toxins, or sickness.  Body Intuitive can identify and clear these changes.  Epigenetic changes may be inherited, so the Practitioner will have to uncover the story associated with an ancestor.


The benefits of Body Intuitive are it is non-invasive and doesn’t rely on traditional medicines. It can be performed from anywhere, virtually or remotely. You can have a session from your couch!  It can help reduce stress, improve energy and decrease pain.  Body Intuitive can provide a greater sense of well-being and peace.  To find a Practitioner near you, go to and click on sessions.  Start your healing journey today!

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