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Energy Medicine restores balance to the body to support physical, mental and emotional well-being. We are tuning into the body’s innate wisdom to heal using a variety of techniques that I have learned.  I will tune into your energy field to tap into what the root cause of an issue might be to restore the mind and body.

Genius Biofeedback uses the resonance of your voice and picture to tune into food sensitivities, digestive disturbances, sleep imbalances, weight loss blocks and hundreds of other frequencies. The software runs to attune you to the proper frequencies.

Yes.  Since the pandemic, 99% of my sessions are done via Zoom or on the phone with much success.  See testimonial section.  

No. Please continue seeing your regular doctor and taking all medicines and supplements.  These sessions can help augment regular medicine by getting to the stories being held in the body holding our patterns in place.

This varies from person to person.  I have been working with clients for over a year, and I have had clients that I have worked with for only a few months.  It is important to give the work time.

60-75 minute sessions for Body Intuitive and Genius Feedback are $150. If buying a bundle of 4 sessions, I offer a package rate of $500, which is $125 per session. I offer a free consultation to discuss my practice in more detail.  Please contact me.

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Body Intuitive is a mind-body medicine that honors the impact of emotions, trauma, stress and belief systems on overall health, on the functioning of our nervous system, the levels of hormones in our bloodstream, the inflammatory nature of our immune system and our epigenetic capacity for vitality.

I will activate on myself as a stand in for my client and show my client where and how to activate the points.  These points may feel sensitive.  

Spiritual Guidance.  I am a self-help junky and bring that into my sessions, whether it is Brene Brown, Glennon Doyle, Gabby Bernstein or some older psychotherapy books, breathing exercises and mindfulness.  I have worked alongside a nutritionist learning about supplements. 

Transformation Starts NOW!

I’d like to share a Shamanic Breath Exercise that will help you release those emotions that may be “stuck” and affecting your energy, mind and body.

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