Energy Medicine Session for Anxiety and Overthinking

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Experience the healing power of energy medicine!  Is it just me, or have you been having way more anxiety and getting stuck overthinking a lot lately?


I am Beth Aitken, a Body Intuitive Master Practitioner.  I studied Psychotherapy in Toronto and had a practice when I lived there for 8 years.  When I moved back to NJ in 2019, I was ready for something different!  I had several of my own mental health episodes, most recently after a divorce in 2017.  That propelled me to work with an Energy Medicine practitioner and that is when my healing journey really began.  I started classes in Body Intuitive in 2020, I did a year long Master Practitioner program and continue to study to this day. I am currently part of an Advanced Study Group.  In 2022, I added the Genius Biofeedback software to my practice, which is a great tool for balancing sensitivities, sleep, digestion and hundreds of other things. I work one on one with clients virtually over Zoom.  You will get a taste of what a session is like here, but if you work with me individually, the session is personalized and in much more detail.


I created this Energy Medicine session around worry and overthinking because I dealt with these feelings.  I have struggled with depression and anxiety for 30 years.  I know these feelings are detrimental and want to help other people release these feelings from their mind and body.  I hope you get an opportunity to try this session and feel more calm and relaxed.  With Energy Medicine, we are tapping into the body’s innate wisdom to heal.  The session goes into areas of the body and mind that are disrupted from old trauma.  In the session, I will guide you to a time frame for the stressor and you will discover the story yourself.  If you book a session, the area of the body or mind and related stories will be tailored to you.  This is a general session meant for anyone, but if you work with me, I will use my intuition to uncover specific stories relevant to you.  I use muscle testing plus intuition to uncover the stories.  This session is 30 minutes and can be listened to at any time, except when driving.  We start with some mindfulness.



  • How long is this session?  30 minutes

  • How long is a personal session? 60 minutes

  • How often can I listen?  As many times as you want

  • How does it work virtually?  Mindfulness allows me to tune into the energy field of the people I am working with over Zoom.  In turn, I then tune in and feel what my client is feeling.  I walk my client through the healing process.

  • What is Body Intuitive?  Body Intuitive is a mind-body medicine that honors the impact of emotions, trauma, stress and belief systems on overall health, on the functioning of our nervous system, the levels of hormones in our bloodstream, the inflammatory nature of our immune system and our epigenetic capacity for vitality.  It combines Eastern and Western medicine.