Body Intuitive with Genius Biofeedback

Price: $150 per session

This is a combination session where we will initially set-up the Genius Biofeedback software. Then we will perform a mindfulness exercise which allows me to tune into the client’s Quantum Field. From there, I act as a surrogate to determine which area of the Body or Energy Body we will be working with. Next, we will uncover the story underlying the disruption and determine actionable steps to clear the stressor.

Sessions are between an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes.

Genius Biofeedback

Price: $50

Genius Biofeedback is a Quantum Biofeedback software that uses your voice and picture to scan for your body’s resonance with food, vitamins, sleep, digestion, emotions, anxiety and so much more! I have hundreds of libraries. The option here is to download the app, and receive your frequencies weekly.

What services are offered?

Energy healing can come through many different modalities. We learn to listen to the body and respond with the healing it needs. Below are some of the areas in which I can help you heal.

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Transformation Starts NOW!

I’d like to share a Shamanic Breath Exercise that will help you release those emotions that may be “stuck” and affecting your energy, mind and body.